At Laser Specialists, Inc., we understand that the downtime required for mobile, laptop, and desktop computer repair is a huge hassle for any business, especially when your clients and partners are contacting you throughout the day. Fortunately, we’re here to fill that essential business need, whether it’s for just one computer or your entire office. We not only employ some of the best repair technicians in the industry, we’re also dedicated to same day or next day onsite assistance when you need us most. We understand that computers can be unpredictable and there’s simply no way of knowing when one or more might go down.

When your business faces a computer crisis and needs immediate repairs done right the first time, you can rely on our expert on-site services. Laser Specialists, Inc is confident that we can address your office computer repair needs to your satisfaction and we’re more than happy to offer a guarantee to that effect. Office computer repair is never a pleasant scenario but we will do our best to make it as painless as possible and get you up and running in no time.

Computer Upgrades

We can upgrade new and older model computers and most laptops with newer faster components.

Computer Systems

We can custom build and design computers to meet your needs and still be able to run tomorrows software.

Computer Service

We offer on-site and off site service. Most computers can be done with in 1~2 business days. Our services range from Hardware & Software diagnostic to Critical files backup from damaged hard drives.

Computer Repairs

No matter if your problem is hardware, software or virus our certified technicians are always able to provide you a solution too get your system back up and running in a timely fashion.

Home & Office Computer Services Include:

  • Email & Software Troubleshooting

  • Hardware & Software Configuration

  • Hardware Setup

  • Network Setup

  • Printer Setup

  • Wireless Computer / Printer Setup

  • Firewall Setup

  • Server Setup

  • Unmanaged Switch Setup

  • Video Conference Area / Camera Setup

  • VoIP Phone Setup

Give Us a Call

If you have any questions about our computer repair services or if you would like to discuss the IT repair needs of your business, contact us at 800-880-5989 today.

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